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High latency and lots of of packet loss

Question asked by lipe123 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by shaw-lance

I've been struggling with gaming for a while now with latency spikes and disconnects.


A week or two ago we got a technician to look at our internet and they replaced the modem/wifi router combo thing with a different one.


My pc is wired straight into the shaw device and doing ping tests to shaws own gateway looks like this:

From bytes=1428 seq=01cd TTL=254 ID=a79b time=28.249ms
From bytes=1428 SEQ=01cf TTL=254 ID=a79c time=38.856ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d0 TTL=254 ID=a79d time=28.801ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d1 TTL=254 ID=a79e time=28.223ms
From bytes=1428 SEQ=01d3 TTL=254 ID=a79f time=39.175ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d4 TTL=254 ID=a7a0 time=61.011ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d5 TTL=254 ID=a7a1 time=28.001ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d6 TTL=254 ID=a7a2 time=45.363ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d7 TTL=254 ID=a7a3 time=31.165ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d8 TTL=254 ID=a7a4 time=21.823ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01d9 TTL=254 ID=a7a5 time=50.324ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01da TTL=254 ID=a7a6 time=40.240ms
Timeout waiting for seq=01af
Timeout waiting for seq=01b0
Timeout waiting for seq=01b1
Timeout waiting for seq=01b3
From bytes=1428 seq=01db TTL=254 ID=a7a7 time=40.351ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01dc TTL=254 ID=a7a8 time=22.495ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01dd TTL=254 ID=a7a9 time=28.878ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01de TTL=254 ID=a7aa time=18.710ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01df TTL=254 ID=a7ab time=23.349ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e0 TTL=254 ID=a7ac time=18.116ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e1 TTL=254 ID=a7ad time=19.121ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e2 TTL=254 ID=a7ae time=28.046ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e3 TTL=254 ID=a7af time=18.882ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e4 TTL=254 ID=a7b0 time=48.343ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e5 TTL=254 ID=a7b1 time=18.209ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e6 TTL=254 ID=a7b2 time=28.264ms
From bytes=1428 seq=01e7 TTL=254 ID=a7b3 time=28.684ms

Packets: sent=488, rcvd=405, error=0, lost=80 (16.4% loss) in 24.414261 sec
RTTs in ms: min/avg/max/dev: 12.570 / 40.593 / 226.259 / 34.841
Bandwidth in kbytes/sec: sent=28.543, rcvd=23.688


I tested directly to to confirm its not my lan port or cable and i had about 0.5% packet loss.


PLEASE can someone look into this, I tried a chat session earlier but I'm guessing with the outage in the southeast everyone is busy.


Please pm for account number and other goodies.