Gateway Reboots Loses Expander Data

Discussion created by kevinds on Sep 8, 2016
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I have this issue every week on the Wednesday night - Thursday morning Gateway maintenance reboot..


When the Gateway system comes back up, the diagnostic menu shows the Expander model and such, but there is no Disconnect in the settings.


If I turn off the power to the Expander, it still shows in the Diagnostic menu, turning it off and on has no effect.


If I then power cycle both the XG1 and the Expander, powering the Expander back on after the XG1 is fully booted, a few seconds later I am greeted by the  External Hard Drive is ready, or whatever the message is..  Everything works as it should for another week.


Can someone help me with why it needs the power cycle after the XG1 reboots..  If it is the Expander and XG1 not cooperating, I have a contact for the firmware developer and can get adjustments made if Shaw can explain what is going on. 


I haven't seen this reported before, so curious what is causing this and what needs to be done to fix it.


At this point in time, I haven't power cycled it yet for the earlier restart, if someone needs to do a diagnostic on it before I power cycle it to fix it, let me know and I can hold off, otherwise I will be doing it soon.