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Extreme Internet Lag?

Question asked by on Feb 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2013 by kevinds

     Hi, I currently use Shaw internet for my family, every couple of days, or even everyday my family experiences lag. When this happens, I can barely load a video or go on the internet as it is too slow. Currently, there are 6 people using the internet in my household. We have the main router, then it connects to a wireless modem, the wireless  is used by 5 people and connected to a wi-fi extender, the last person used a e-Ethernet cable connected to the wireless modem. So all, in all, we have 5 people using wireless internet, and 1 person using wired internet. I recently did a speed test for the internet and I got back, 219 ping, 0.15 Mbps download speed, and 0.04 Mbps upload speed, but sometimes, my ping can go up to as high as 700. Is it normal to have this much lag? My friend has the same circumstances, same number of people, and same internet package but they have smooth internet. Is there anyway to fix this or increase my internet speed? Thank you.