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DCX3510-M recordings pixelation on HD channels

Question asked by dang2 on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2016 by dang2

Hello Shaw Tech.


I bought my DCX3510-M HD Dual Tuner DVR Set-Top 4 years ago. It worked great up to a month ago when it start having problems recording HD channels:
- When playing back whatever I recorded the image/sound cuts in/out and pixelates good chunks of HD recording. When that happen, seems like the sound precedes the image few seconds, images overlap, and when fast-forwarding or fast rewinding  the marker jumps back and forth all the time. It happens at around  2 to 10 min into recordings, last a few minutes or goes on till the end.
- No problem when viewing live HD channels. However when rewinding live shows same thing happen!
- However there are few HD channels which record ok! i.e. 4-Shaw, 8-Global, 9-CTV, 11-KHD, 26-Slice, 29-Shaw-Case
-  No problem with live SD or recordings.
- Old HD recordings play back ok!
 Any idea why?

Location: Victoria, BC
STB reports:  SNR 37..40dB GOOD  on tuned channels (d04)  and Pow-level=-4dBmV @ 483MHz (d03)

Thank You