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Is it worth it for the price?

Question asked by deedub on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by kevinds

Hi All,

Few Questions:

1) I need to know if its worth it or not?  Is the Internet 150 that good or is there lots of problems?  

2) Why are NEW customers treated better with pricing deals, rather than loyal ones?  Should I jump ship after many years and go to the competition?


Some History:

My 2 yr agreement with Shaw ended in March (been a customer for about 20 yrs) and I was looking at doing another 2 yr contract to get the Internet 150.  My goal was to get Internet 150, Limited TV with some Theme Packs (Time Shift and TSN/Sportnet).  Thinking this was an easy step I tried online chat.  Once I was told what I would have to pay a month I couldn't believe it. Shaw wants to charge me over $146 a month for this.  After this I figured I would phone in to talk to someone, that was a mistake.  I have spoken to three people at Shaw now and all signs are pointing me to go to the competitor.  They offer me other TV plans, saying its a good deal. But 90% of the channels I wont use.  I asked why new customers get advantages to better pricing and here are some Shaw responses "its just business" and "once a new customer is with Shaw they realize the service is worth more and are willing to pay more". Depending on who you talk to, you get a different answer every time.   I'm not asking Shaw to "price match" the competitor, but I am asking them to be fair and treat me like my business meant something over the last 20 yrs.  I use to pay well over $220 a month for a long time, Shaw has taken a lot of my money in the past.  Right now I am using Internet 30 and Personal TV and paying $150 a month.

Overall I can get what I want from the competitor for about $65/mth and after 6 months it jumps up to $132.  Still lower than I pay now.  This is very frustrating and the more I look into it, the more I get frustrated.  I don't want to switch providers but when it comes down to this amount of money, its hard not to.  


I'm sure others out there have had same experiences, what did you do?  Should I pay the extra money and suck it up or swim in different waters?