Additional info with the Hitron halt

Discussion created by xbrav_revolutionz on Sep 18, 2016
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My Hitron previously fried, and I had it replaced a few weeks back. However, the Hitron failure (all lights on, but no lights for the NIC ports) persisted earlier this week. As I have weather data broadcasting through Weather Underground, I receive an alert as to the last poll my station provided during an outage.


I'm running the Hitron in bridge mode, and my network has no local outages. It also auto-recovers instantly following the power cycle of the Hitron.


All of the failures so far have occurred between 12:16AM and 12:36AM. There have been 3 dropouts since August 3rd, with the additional failure where the modem did not re-initialize following a power cycle (I upgraded a power bar, and the power was out for about 30 seconds to the modem).


When my modem was fully dead, Shaw insisted on sending a tech to confirm the thing was dead, leading to a 3 day outage. Not happy with that, but whatever. It gave me time to look at a few things with the modem. The modem and the switch ports appear to run independently. Unlike with older modems, the modem can crash while maintaining the switch functionality. My router was able to auto-negotiate a link with the switch, even if the modem side is functioning as expected. However, the indicator lights on the front of the modem seem to be driven by the modem firmware, and not the switch.


I'm truly hoping I cannot gather any more data, as these outages are a pain to deal with. I usually don't know about the outage until 7AM the next day. After having the modem die from a power cycle, I feel like I'm gambling on my system coming up each time.


At this point, I'm begging to get a Cisco modem, even knowing there are issues with the upload speeds. I'll take it over total network losses.


Can anybody with Shaw provide some transparency on whether this appears to be a hardware or software issue?