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High Latency while Downloading or Uploading

Question asked by pixelxl on Oct 10, 2016
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I've been having difficulty playing some online games (currently Guild Wars 2) because the latency gets really high whenever some other application on the network starts transferring data. It could be Windows updates on my gaming PC or synchronization on my Android device. The interesting thing is that I only started noticing this problem a few months ago even though I've been a Shaw customer for over a decade. I purchased a new router (D-Link DIR-822) around that time, so I immediately suspected a problem with it. For testing purposes, I removed the router and plugged my PC directly into the Motorola SB5101 modem. My pings to Google (shown below) still have high latency while downloading.


High latency to Google while downloading.


Online searches suggest this problem is "buffer bloat." Can anything be done about this and why did it only start recently? My Internet usage hasn't changed at all, but I did notice my 10 Mbps connection seems to be going at 15 Mbps now.