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Where's my Internet 150?

Question asked by savant9 on Sep 17, 2016
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I requested an upgrade on my Internet plan from Broadband 50 to 150 on Aug 13th. I received a confirmation email but nothing else occurred for 2 weeks. Unsure if I hadn't filled it out correctly, I filled the online form out again and received an order acknowledgement on Aug 29.


Aug 31 I received an email that said


Thank you for your recent Shaw order.



This is to confirm that we have processed your order for Internet 150


we’ve sent you a Self-Install Kit with everything you’ll need to quickly and easily set up your new service. Please allow 3-4 business days for delivery.




Thank you for choosing Shaw."


I also received an email that detailed the 2 year service agreement and stated my service would start on Sept 8th.


I never received the self install kit or the upgraded speed.


I contacted support on Sept 10th, and they explained there was some sort of error in shipping, she apologized and said she corrected the error and that it would be shipped out asap. I asked her when my service would start, and she replied "soon as you connect the modem".


It is now Sept 17th, over 1 month since I initially requested the service. I still do not have the modem or the increased speed. Kind of getting a little tired of this.


My question is, will I ever receive the modem and the internet service upgrade?


Honestly I don't even care about the hardware as I will continue to use my own network setup with the modem bridged.