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Question asked by until2009 on Sep 17, 2016
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First and foremost, I want to say that Nav @ Shaw is a super great customer service rep.  Although he wasn't able to help me resolve my issue - I felt like he did a great job in following up on my inquiry.  Now with that said i've went ahead and copied my below question from some other forums i've been posting to.  So if the formatting is weird i'm sorry.


Hello everyone,

I'm really hoping someone here can give me a hand. I've been tossed back and forth between support, Shaw over the phone and a few other forums that mainly discuss internet speeds.


Here is some basic information to get started.
Location: Edmonton, Alberta Canada
PC: Lenovo Y510P Laptop
OS: Windows 10
Modem: Hitron CGNM-2250-SHW
ISP: Shaw Communications (Broadband 250 Package)
Additional Information: My laptop is plugged directly into the back of my modem using a ethernet cord.

[B]Problem:[/B] Extremely low upload speed despite one service (Ookla Speedtest) telling me that i'm getting what I pay for. I'm having issues live streaming games on (video buffers for my viewers), having issues watching livestreams (buffers occasionally - guess this might be a common issue) and i'm also have some really bad ping in games like Path of Exile.

Here are some speed tests.
The first one is using Ookla (this one is partnered with my ISP so they use this to determine if i'm getting the speeds i'm paying for.. unfortunately this service says that everything is okay)

I've included both a speed test for here in Edmonton, Alberta

And another test for the server that is closest to the server out in Seattle, WA.

Ookla seems to look okay. I should be able to stream with these speeds no problem.

Now after speaking with twitch support staff they advise that I use 2 other services to determine why when I try to live stream i'm buffering for my viewers.

This is the test done at

This service tells me that i'm only getting 448Kbps. Which is definitely much lower than either of the above tests.

And the last test is the most important one they mentioned that I try and run as this test determines which server I have the strongest connection to in order to live stream.


This above image is stating that I have 0 Quality. Basically telling me that i'm unable to stream.

I had one of my friends who lives about 15 minutes away from me who is also using Shaw - but on a lower plan (Broadband 150) run all of these tests. His Ookla came back fine, he scored a 8Mbps on and then linked me this image to his Twitch Bandwidth test.


Now that i've explained everything, here are the steps i've already taken to try and rectify my issue.

1. Restarted Computer
2. Restarted Modem
3. Tested on Wireless
4. Tested using different ethernet cord
5. Contacted ISP
6. Ran Malware Bytes and Virus Scan
7. Tested Wifes Acer laptop
8. Booted up in safemode
9. Contacted ISP and got a replacement modem - from a Cisco to a Hitron.
10. Reformatted my computer
11. Downloaded the most up to date LAN drivers
12. Posted on this forum

After all of these steps i'm still left with no improvement. My ISP can't do anything as they base is solely off of Ookla.

If anyone has any other suggestions - i'm all ears.