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Shaw NO longer has CW but Telus Does?

Question asked by laraallsopp on Oct 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2017 by qwerguy88

Telus provides CW Seattle High Def in the BASE channels. Their entertainment package includes KTLA High Def for 7$ a month more. Shaw no longer has ANY CW HD station. Therefore anyone who loves watching the best shows like The Flash, Arrow, Jane the Virgin, Vampire Diaries, etc are out of luck. Some shows maybe available highly edited on Canadian affiliates but not all of them.


The CW has been one of the major networks for decades and is even broadcast on KTSW, but wait, NO KTSW High Definition channel either.


The CW was also the main reason I actually paid Shaw to have cable. I have not watched Low Def since Shaw released their very first Digital Cable boxes over a decade ago and I certainly am not going to start now.


So Shaw when are you going to replace the CW High Def in your lineup? You can no longer include WGN as a "super entertainment" channel either as it is now 99% reruns.