Why Do I Only Receive 1080i And Not Full 1080p?

Discussion created by rdfornasero on Sep 13, 2016
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Hi everyone,


I’m having a cable video related problem that I’m hoping someone can help me out with.


I have a Shaw Cable Gateway (Arris) system with 3 portals (cable box) on 3 HDTVs. Two of the HDTVs are 4K (Samsung UN70KU6290 and UN40KU6290) and the other 1080p (Samsung UN46D6500). The 40 inch and 46 inch are connected via the HDMI cable provided with the portal and the 70 inch is connected with a Monster high speed v1.4.


When I had the Gateway system installed about 4 years ago, the technician told me that 1080p wasn’t available in my area due to limited bandwidth however upgrades were being made.


Recently I talked to Shaw technical support on the phone about an interference issue I was having and after resolving that I asked when full 1080p would be available in my area. He told me that 1080p was currently available, so I checked my setup.


On all 3 HDTV sets I’m not able to display programming in full 1080p. They all indicate that they are displaying 1920 x 1080 60i (1080i 60hz).


In the portal setup menu under TV Setup I have 1080p 30hz, 1080p 24hz and 1080i selected as the instructions recommend. With these selected the TVs display menu shows that the TV is displaying 1920 x 1080i 60hz. All 3 TVs automatically select the 1080i signal.


If I unselect 1080i in the portal setup it tells me that I have to have at least 1080i or 720p selected so, if I select 720p in lieu of 1080i the TV displays 1080p 24hz however the picture is blurry and movement is very choppy. Watching a football game, the players appear to have a halo around them and the ball disappears in pixilation when thrown? The same applies if I unselect 1080p 24hz forcing 1080p 30hz.


I’ve also checked the TVs settings and there are no settings on any of the TVs that would limit the input resolution.


I had a Shaw service tech out to my home to check wiring and signal strength which he said are both good and can’t answer why I’m only capable of receiving 1080i 60Hz successfully. He also advised me that 1080p is available in my area.


On other sources such as my PC, Playstation, Chromecast and Bluray player, the TV’s indicate that they are receiving 1920 x 1080p 60hz it’s only the Shaw Portals where I’m having the problem. I have also tried using other high speed HDMI cables. 


I suspect that it is still a network bandwidth issue and that the current techs are misinformed and incorrect that 1080p is actually available however, I would like that clarified.


Otherwise, can anyone explain why I can only receive 1080i and not full 1080p?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.