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Shaw Guide & Lifetime schedule different

Question asked by dxer on Sep 29, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2016 by dxer

My family has been finding scheduling problems In trying to record a program (Dance Moms) on Lifetime. The program is running about 10 minutes longer than the allocated timeslot. We will rectify by extending the program but it would be helpful if the description would say 70 minutes or something like that. Can this be done?


In sorting out a solution for this problem, we found a second related problem. I only checked Saturday, Oct 1, but the schedule provided on the Shaw Guide is different than that provided by both Lifetime and zap2it. The Shaw Guide has  Dance Moms at 7 pm, while the others dot schedule this show.


As for the unstated extended time, the Shaw Guide appears to be the more accurate. I've written Lifetime about the issue as I suspect it is theirs to repair.