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Shaw connection profile breaks iOS wifi/internet connections

Question asked by misterfung on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by kme0801

Ok. So Shaw open wifi is a great feature.


However when I use the connection profile to add my iPhone all hell breaks loose with my connections. It all relates to ShawPasspoint. 


When i add my device "the hard way" by manually entering my phones MAC address everything works fine as I seem to only connect to Shaw Open hotspots. When I use "the easy convenient" add-this-device option and instal the connection profile on my iOS10 phone everything screws up. It seems to instal profiles and connection stuff relating to three networks, ShawOpen, ShawPasspoint and some other thing. For some reason when I use this and my phone attempts to connect to a Passpoint hotspot it does not work. I cannot connect and on top of that it repeatedly keeps thinking I am connected to this hotspot (when I never was) long after I've left its range. 


This is is infuriating when traveling on the bus or walking and as I pass by the Passpoints my phone gets stuck in some kind of connection bait-and-switch, once even requiring a phone hard reboot. The manual method of entering my MAC address and only using Shawopen hotspots allows me to enter and exit their use with a much smaller hiccup, if at all. 


What value does the connection profile have and what is a passpoint? Why can I not connect to them?


Ive since deleted the connection profile until a fix or explanation is issued. Thanks!