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Discussion created by wa2hot4 on Oct 11, 2016
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i had signed up for the internet 150 recently, well i was in contact with chat support which is a awesome service, i was told i could cancel the service as any time, i have never gotten a email or piece of mail saying i was locked into a 2 or 3 year contract! well now i got my business internet setup went to chat on support to get the 150 cancelled and was told to call the 1800- number, i called it and guess what another agent said different that i was locked into a plan for the 150.. i told the agent on the phone that the agent said i could cancel at any time she then told me there was no record of my chat from the day i talked online to a agent,  she said they will give me a call back and let me know what they can do, never heard a word back. im not impressed at all