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Can I hook two routers up to a Cisco DPC3825?

Question asked by abdba on Oct 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2016 by abdba

Shaw "upgraded" me to a Cisco DPC3825 a year or two ago.  It's not broadcasting a SSID and I have my own home router connected to port 1.


My question is whether I can hook up another router to one of the other ports?  I want a second wifi that bypasses my primary router's wifi (to troubleshoot some issues with an IOT device).


It doesn't appear that I can do this as my external IP seems to be passed through to the main router on port 1.  Maybe I need a second external IP?  Or can I switch the Shaw Cisco DPC3825 into router mode and enable it's SSID broadcast for the IOT device (while leaving my primary home router/wifi still working on a hardwired port, just with an internal DHCP obtained IP from the DPC3825 for WAN instead of my external IP).