When Did Internet Service Get So Expensive?

Discussion created by konesky on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by tallguy11

I just logged on for the first time to ask a question about my modem and I noticed my bill is $150 per month. I was kind of surprised because I have it set up with automatic payment and haven't looked recently.


I see Cable is about $65 and my internet service is $75!!! I'm only subscribing to Internet 30 and probably don't even need anywhere near that but since when is Internet $75 a month for an average service? It's not like I've got a T1 connection or fiber to my door... Am I out to lunch or are these prices nuts?


Are there any promotions for existing customers? Is there some way to reduce my bill without sacrificing service? Is it time to shop around and switch service providers? By switching I'm assuming I would be able to take advantage of new customer promotions. I own my cable box and I owe nothing to shaw by way of any contracts or minimum commitments.


It seems backwards that long time loyal customers who don't switch are penalised with high service prices but new customers are rewarded with lower rates. Doesn't that encourage people to switch back and fourth to take advantage of deals and ultimately cost Shaw more in the long run? I'm not sure if this is the appropriate venue to gripe about Shaw prices but if they don't censor this post, looking for input or suggestions. Thanks!