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Question asked by geopro1 on Oct 12, 2016
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Maybe I'd better ask this as a new question:


I'm assuming that there's still no way to show only Subscribed Channels with Shaw, correct?


So my options would be to either go through the long list of channels in the Guide and manually delete most of them that I'm not subscribed to (ugh!), or else build a custom Favorites list by manually adding channels? But that Favorites list will be separate from the regular Guide view, correct?


How can I get a list of subscribed channels from Shaw?


Could I delete channels from the Guide using the Gateway app on Android? Is that the function of the unlabeled "eye" icon that appears to the left of the channel name if you scroll left in the Gateway app guide? And then could I "sync" that individually to the Gateway and each portal from the app menu? Is there some more friendly way to name the devices in the app instead of looking at a long string of hex digits?


If I create a short custom Favorites list on the Gateway itself, is there any way to view that same custom Favorites list in the Gateway app? Or on other portals for that matter?