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Car Hotspot with ShawOpen

Question asked by brycecampbell on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by kevinds

Been looking around the site but haven't been able to find the solution -- It isn't a common request a suppose.

I generally don't use the ShawOpen hotspots much as I have a pretty affordable [grandfathered] data plan I tether with, but I would like to designate one of my authorized devices to my car's hotspot feature. This way, any device that is connected to the car's hotspot would be able to connect to the ShawOpen network when it in range -- and then when driving, it would switch back over to tethering HSPA+/LTE.

I have added the mac address into the Shaw Go WiFi Devices, and it all seems good, but since the car doesn't have a browser, how would I go about authenticating when I actually get to a ShawOpen access point? Would a device connected to the car's hotspot that is then connected to ShawOpen be able to properly authenticate the car's mac address or would it use that devices mac address?