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What is going on with the TV HD channel guide and channel line upin vermilion Alberta?

Question asked by verbilion on Oct 24, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2016 by shaw-lance

A few weeks ago I complained about our local CBC channel broadcasting Global Edmonton, and that for the past number of years the channel guide has channel 2 showing 'local programming[ which is ShawTV.  I was informed the CKSA is now Global and we now get two GLOBAL EDMONTON FEEDS channel 211 and 213 as well the channel 2 is not Shaw but CityTV Edmonton and the guide is not showing the correct programming.  Today channel 59 which was WSBK Boston (MY 38) is broadcasting WGN from Chicago which is also being shown on Channel 61 WGN.  In addition there is something called Zap2It Program guide on the channel 4 spot and it is broadcasting CBCkids now.  These guide problems are becoming tiresome and the continuation of years long errors is starting to show that SHAW does not really care about their customers or their service.  My wife loves the Gateway PVR on which she can record up to 6 programs at once but when the channel guide does not actually represent what is being shown or the correct channels it is becoming very frustrating and may cause us to rethink SHAW and go to another TV provider.  Please SHAW, get your act together.  Fix this annoying situation or you are likely to lose customers.