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Any solution to this Hitron issue?

Question asked by cjproductions on Oct 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2019 by kevinds

I've replaced two Hitron modems both for the same reason, I am beginning to think it's not the hardware itself and something else.


I have a Hitron setup, it broadcasts both signals 2.4/5 without issue for a random amount of time, but generally speaking it's just a few minutes. My computer has a USB wifi dongle that accepts the signal, and after a few minutes the modem stops broadcasting any signal for wifi and it drops, I've done tests and levels are all good, and if I connect a router to the modem via ethernet it can detect the routers signal and use it, I have read that the culprite may be my USB wifi dongle, I just updated the drivers for it, the model is an Asus N10.


Any suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.