Internet Issues on 150 with Hitron

Discussion created by wiggitywhackest on Nov 1, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by anthonyjcan

Hey folks! My roommates and I recently got internet again after not having it for a while. We went with the 150 plan as it's a pretty good deal, especially for the first year. Anyhow, we had no problems for the first few days with great speeds and no slowdowns of any sort.


Yesterday however that all seems to have changed. Since last night we are getting great speedtest results from most sources, but major connection issues and lag to the vast majority of websites and services. Sometimes opening up a webpage will just stall immediately after it starts and never finishes. YouTube videos won't stream at all even at 144p resolution, and I cannot stay connected to my Xbox Live account or Destiny to save my life.


Funny thing is, 1 out of 10 attempts at any of these things will work no problem, only to go right back to screwing up immediately after. So for example, if a website is only partially loaded and just sitting there then clicking reload MIGHT cause it to work no problem on the next attempt, but the next page I load will freeze again. I might get through to a mission select screen on Destiny, only to have it lag out when I try to load that mission. Or a YouTube video might not be loading at all but the next one I try will stream at 1080p with no problems.


It's frustrating as hell as the problems are happening on all devices, wired or wireless, and most of the time, but there's always that glimmer of hope with the one successful attempt. It teases me!


For troubleshooting I have tried resetting the modem (doesn't solve anything, even for a short while), holding the pinhole button for 30+ seconds and letting it reboot (no help), switching from wired to wireless on the Xbox One (no change), power cycling and resetting all the devices (no help), and forwarding the various ports that some of those programs/services need (no change).


For the record, our Hitron modem is running the older firmware and is our modem and router.


Any advice you can give would be very helpful. It was great to have internet again but that was pretty short lived. Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions!