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Thunderbird Lightning and CalDav config

Question asked by llewellen on Oct 17, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2016 by shaw-brayden

I'm trying to set up Thunderbird with Lightning calendar add-on to sync with my webmail calendar using CalDAV.  I'm following the instructions from Zimbra's site (Zimbra is the platform that Shaw webmail uses).  The dialogue box asks me for the location of my webmail calendar.


Does anyone know the exact server address/location?  Shaw online chat support said that they couldn't find it.  They also tried to say that they don't support Zimbra, apparently without realizing that they are operating on a Zimbra platform.


Zimbra does have a desktop client that will sync all webmail accounts and content, including calendars, to the desktop but they haven't upgraded it to 64bit yet (???)