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Ethernet connections to media boxes not working?

Question asked by jhogan55 on Oct 23, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by jhogan55

I recently switched to the Hitron modem/router for internet 150 and am having problems with both of my streaming boxes (a Roku 3 and a Raspberry Pi 3). In both instances, they connect and work fine using 2.4 GHz wifi (although they both had issues before I turned auto channel selection and authorization methods off), but if i try to use them via ethernet they connect to the modem, are assigned IP addresses, but have no internet access. I've tried a few google searches and came up with some info about needing to switch to manual DNS settings, so I've done this in the Basic Settings -> DNS menu, using Google DNSs ( and Still no luck. Any suggestions?


Thank you!