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Clarification on upcoming bill increase needed!

Question asked by gamerguy on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2013 by kevinds

So I just got my new bill. I have been reading other peoples accounts were being hit with price increases. I was under the impression these increases were for grandfathered accounts.


I recently gave up my grandfathered package. So I was a little surprised to see:


"Effective April 1st 2013, the monthly rate for your services will be increased to $126.90 plus taxes."


A $7 increase from my current rate.


When I swapped out my grandfather package, and was offered what I was offered, and I forgot to ask what I would end up paying when the deal offered expires. (I beat myself up about it but good since.) Now, I was recently chatting with a rep through 'Concierge Service' and asked what I would be paying come deal end. I was told $119.90/month.


Well, that's what I currently pay and have been since I remove the MC package:


Current Charges (03-Mar-13 to 02-Apr-13) - see following pages for details

Current Monthly Services



Well, $126.90 as of April 1 apparently. *sneer*


So my question is, when my year free upgrade is over.......what will my monthly bill actual be? If it remains at the $$126.90? *grumbles* the rep said the "new" charges would be, I'd be getting something for free. (No complaints if need be!! ) Otherwise my bill will be MORE than what the rep stated it would be come deal end because I'm sure they want to get payed for this, please help my hurting brain understand this tomfoolery. I only have so much money I can throw at my entertainment, and you are about to bust the bank so to speak. As Game of Thrones is coming back next month, meaning I need to re-add MC at $18/month. (Yes I hate being poor, but I generally manage!)


I'm really starting to regret the deal all together. (I was mad at just myself originally for not putting more thought and understanding into it before accepting, now I'm just bothered all around with this new bills arrival.)


What is going on here? Can I get clear, accurate information please?


When my deal ends, what will my monthly bill be? Really?


*awaits PM/DM*




Well, it just dawned on me Shaws system may not be "smart" enough to understand the packaging change, and as my current rates are still the grandfathered rates, it is just automated to add the "you pay more" least this is what I am hoping. I still need clarification on the reps $119.90/month statement though....because that is what I currently pay, though I get more than what I pay for.