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Why can I connect to an IP using https at work but not home, even though both are using Shaw?

Question asked by nodrogluap on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2016 by kevinds

shaw-harvey suggested I post this issue here, hopefully a network person at Shaw can help me as I'm stuck!


Since September 24th, I cannot connect to via my Web browser at home.  I can connect via the same laptop at work (UCalgary), or on my iPhone on LTE but not my home wifi. Both trace routes show going through, but the working UCalgary connection routes to the final IP ( on Neustar) via, while the non-functioning connection routes through NTT America. Both end up at Internap Network Services Corporation for the last hop(s).


Has anyone else seen or can recreate this issue with Anyone have Telia issues since Sep 24th?  I can see poor service quality happening, but an absolute https connection timeout block? This is driving me nuts!


Firewalls are turned off, am using Google DNS, have tried Firefox with a really long http connection timeout setting.  


UCalgary (https works):


Shaw Home (https doesn't work):


Thanks for any help you folks can provide! Hoping I don't have to switch service providers over this glitch.