Shaw - IPv6 for Home Users

Discussion created by kme0801 on Oct 18, 2016
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I've seen people ask numerous times about Shaw deploying IPv6, and the answer is always "it's coming".  Sadly that seems to have been the answer for the last 5 years or more.  I know that business users can request IPv6 addresses, but I'm still surprised that Shaw isn't giving that option to home users.  If Shaw really wants to roll it out slowly they can, although they should at least give power users the option to request it (they'd basically be free beta testers).


More and more devices are expecting IPv6 support, and if IPv6 is on but somehow misconfigured for some users they can have unintended consequences (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google all have some services available over IPv6).  I've seen one scenario where Android devices thought that IPv6 was enabled and Twitter/Facebook images and videos wouldn't load (or would take a long time to load) as they were trying to load over IPv6 (when packets were captured to troubleshoot it was obvious), but the tweets and Facebook posts seemingly were still coming over IPv4.  The user would switch to cellular and everything loaded fine (Rogers wireless does seem to have IPv6 deployed on the cell network which was what was being tested against).  After adjusting some settings in the router to disable IPv6 support things worked fine, but just one example where things can go wrong.


Can someone from Shaw please provide an actual timeline?  If you don't know and work for Shaw, can you check with your supervisor or get the request escalated?  I really like Shaw overall, but find that as a company it's super slow to adapt to new technology, and not very transparent.  I'm happy with the latest Shaw 150 package, and it has happily kept me from wanting to switch to SaskTel, but there's still room for improvement.