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Home network setup- bridging or ip passthrough advice

Question asked by jhogan55 on Nov 3, 2016
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I am looking for a little advice from someone more knowledgeable than myself on home networking. I inherited a pretty complicated setup moving into a new place, which is:


Shaw hitron modem (active as my wi-fi device as well), with 2 things connected to it via ethernet. The first system is a lutron home lighting setup and the second is a d-link switch. The d-link switch sends ethernet throughout the house, and also has my home audio system connected to it.


To run the lights or the speakers I need my phone/ipad/whatever to be on the same network as the stereo and the lights, which both have assigned static IPs. My wi-fi coverage isnt great in the house, because the Hitron modem is plugged into the utility closet in the corner of the basement in order to provide internet to the switch and the lights.


I own a Netgear router, and I would like to plug it into one of the (d-link switch fed) ethernet ports on the main floor of my house, and use it for wi-fi rather than the Hitron. I think the solution is to bridge the hitron, but it sounds like I would then need 2 IPs to feed the 2 ethernet ports? Would this prevent me from operating the lutron system because my wireless would be on one network and my lights would be on a second?


Thanks for any advice!