Hitron Appears to Change Setting By Itself

Discussion created by biglar on Oct 20, 2016
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Have a Shaw Hitron WIFI Modem which appears to change setting by itself.


I have a security PVR which I can use WAN/LAN to view cameras on my iPhone 6. The other day while attempting to view on my IPhone APP message appears 'cannot connect,see PVR setting'. Same message occurred in LAN attempt. Checked my PVR setting and found all okay. I was about ready to phone and blast the PVR company when decided to log in to Hitron. I have to mention this happened once before. I had found the WAN and LAN addresses were different then in the iPhone viewing settings originally set. When I entered the new settings from the Hitron into the iPhone viewing app setting everything returned to normal. But before logging out the Hitron page I took a screen shoot. So this time around I took out that printed screen shot page and sure enough the LAN and WAN IP setting had changed. Once I re-entered these new setting in the iPhone viewing APP everything turned to normal. So why is the Hitron changing the addresses in what appears by itself? I live by 'IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T SCREW WITH IT" principle.


Now the iPhone viewing APP the LAN is working fine but having some problems with WAN. The Hitron new WAN IP address is using port 22 (96.XX.XXX.XX:22) but the iPhone APP likes/prefers port 80 so don't know how to get in back.