Over priced internet and not getting correct speed

Discussion created by caffylaffy on Nov 6, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by geopro1

WHAT A JOKE!! I just did a speed test, download is 6mpbs and upload is 3bps. I have internet 60 for $95/mo. INTERNET 60. You guys are offering HS 150 for a flippin $50 for the first year then $80. I've been with you guys for a really long time, nothing but a loyal customer and this is what i get? Worst part is I have contacted many times about the internet and no one will help me, they just give me a speech about the wifi signal. Yes i know all about that, but 6mbps? I am sorry but for even wireless... that is pathetic. Your company refuses to reduce my rate, but yet i know a few people who call telus every year or 6 months who get a discount constantly. And telus is offering an amazing deal right now. I want the HS 150 for the $50 for a year or else im switching to telus. #doesshawevencareaboutloyalty