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DHCP Lease Time

Question asked by jgerard on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by shaw-lance

What is up with 30 minute (or less - usually less) DHCP leases? Before I switched to Internet 150, lease times used to be reasonable. Since switching from 60 to 150, the lease time is ridiculous. How am I supposed to try and keep an IP address when the lease is only 30 minutes and frequently there are DHCP issues between midnight and 1 am that prevent me from renewing? Come morning time and I realize my internet connection #is down, I have to reboot my modem and now I've lost my IP.

I care because I frequently need to connect to my systems at home and if my IP is always changing, I am always updating DNS settings which wouldn't happen if the lease was as before where it was at least a whole day (I believe, however, it used to be 2 days)

What gives?