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IP Address Reservations

Question asked by kenohrn on Nov 5, 2016
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I have a Cisco DCP3848V.  Occasionally, I have trouble connecting household Wi-Fi devices to it. 


I have restricted the number of available IP addresses to 10, for security purposes. But it seems that the Cisco assigns some IP addresses permanently to devices unknown to me, and so I run out of available IP addresses.


Short of a pinhole reset, is there any way to make the Cisco assign IP addresses to only current devices?  Or to get rid of old IP address assignments.  Or to completely refresh IP address assignments?


I have set Client Lease Time to 120 seconds in Setup / LAN Setup.  This seems to make no difference -- some IP addresses are still reserved for unknown devices.


I have made no "preassigned DHCP IP addresses", or any other permanent address assignment.