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Problem obtaining second DHCP IP address

Question asked by kernelkurtz on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by kernelkurtz

Hi there.


Recently switched from the Broadband 100 to Wide Open 150 and overall I am happy with the speed and reliability. For the most part my connection is very stable, and my primary router always gets the same IP address, even after switching plans and modems over the years (currently the Hitron, in bridge mode of course).  That is the upside and I appreciate that behavior.   The problem I am having is trying to get the second IP address to work. I've talked to support a couple of times and they don't know what the problem is. The configuration for the second IP is there, but actually getting that second address is extremely unreliable. I've used a laptop and two different routers for testing, we have taken the modem out of and returned it to bridge mode and done numerous modem reloads. I did manage to get a dynamic IP on my laptop recently (a address on a different segment from the primary), but it would not return after I disconnected and reconnected. Same deal with one of the two routers I've tried (which got a address), but would not renew after a router reload.  DHCP broadcasts are going out, and nothing is coming back in response to my requests (I do see replies for others though) - I've verified this with both debug mode on the router (Cisco 871) and with a Wireshark capture.  I've tried different ports on the back of the modem as well as trying both routers on the same modem port through a switch. I've even tried cloning previously successful MACs in case they are cached by the server, but no luck with that either (though my primary suspicion is that some sort of MAC caching is the issue). My long time address, on the long time hardware always comes back with out issue (thankfully) but it just does not want to hand out a second IP consistently.  Anyone else have this problem, or any ideas on anything I could try to resolve the issue?


Any thought are appreciated.  Cheers.