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Why is my wired connection so much slower than wireless?

Question asked by acline on Nov 5, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2016 by shaw-phil

This is across all devices, multiple wired PCs and tested with my laptop both wired and wireless.


I believe we just upgraded to the shaw150 recently, but I'm consistently only getting around 8 - 9 mbps download speed when using a wired connection, on any device. This is using the speed test on shaw's website, as well as I have checked for any downloads or programs that might be impacting it and ensured those aren't a factor. When I'm using a wireless connection, I'm able to at least get around 30-40 mbps (Which is nowhere near the 150 but I honestly don't expect much anymore). 


Even on my laptop, when I plug it in and disable wireless, it immediately drops down to a snail's pace, but when I swap back to wireless, it becomes usable.


I am using the Hitron router installed by Shaw.