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When will Shaw fix the Gateway app?

Question asked by geopro1 on Nov 8, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by shaw-brayden

I've struggled to use the Gateway app (Android) for the last month since switching from Telus, but honestly I have to call it: this app is poorly-written garbage riddled with bugs. The ability to edit channel visibility lists and sync back and forth with the gateway and portals is particularly problematic. Among the many issues:

- The app crashes frequently.

- The app randomly forgets the edited channel list (especially annoying when the inability to show only subscribed channels means that extensive editing is necessary)

- It randomly fails to be able to sync with the portals and gateway.

- It says that it has synced when it hasn't.

- Random channels appear and disappear in the channel visibility list, both in the app and on the gateways after an attempted sync.


I suspect that some of it is to do with the difficult communication path to the Shaw portals, but really this app is just an embarrassment compared to the Telus remote PVR web portal.


When is Shaw going to fix it? Or at least demand that Arris fix it?