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Why is my service dropping out since changing to 150 plan

Question asked by anthonyjcan on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2016 by kidknicky

I updated from 50Mps to the 150Mps and the service performed well for the first 4 months with the exception that wifi would drop out at least twice daily, and the signal from the built in antennas is much lower than previous. Now, have done all the Shaw tech things with no results, took my computer in to memory express to update hard drives and they it a fresh install of windows 10, my system based all the testing.


Also in the past three weeks speed was dropping to 60Mps to as low as 18Mps. Which is why I changed both drives it the computer because one was on its way out, but no better. In fact last night on Facebook people from all over Okotoks and High River Alberta were asking what has happened to Shaw Internet 150.