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Gateway cabling question

Question asked by jpom18 on Nov 10, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2016 by shaw-shaun

I asked a similar question to this almost 3 years ago and got a couple different answers, one saying it was doable and the other saying that standards were changing.  I didn't both going with the gateway back then but have no bitten the bullet and have an install booked in a couple weeks, and I would like to try and get some info in the hopes of making it as easy and painless as possible when they arrive.


I am in a 4 level split, have a single line coming into my living room, split between a cable box and running about 15-20 feet up through the ceiling to the upper floor for the bedrooms and office where I currently have a total of 3 cable boxes and a modem.  The idea when the installer comes is for the gateway to be in the living room and the 2 portals in the office and main bedroom.  The modem will also be in the office and there will be a digital box in the spare bedroom.


Now as I understand it the acceptable way to install a gateway system is to split the line coming in and have one side for the gateway system and the other side for other devices.  I know that moca filters are used to separate the networks but I'm not completely sure how they work.  I assume that they work similar to the ADSL filters where they are used to filter a signal out for devices that do not use it, i.e. you would put a filter on the line to the modem to remove the moca signal however I have seen diagrams where the filter is put in front of the gateway system which to my thinking would filter the moca signals out before the reached the gateway.  I've also read that there needs to be a filter on the incoming line in order to stop feedback from going out on it and causing problems for other people in the area.


The problem is that since I will have both gateway and other devices on the upper level and only a single cable running up there from where it comes into the house then I would have to run a second cable to have the gateway installed properly. Unfortunately the holes that the current cable is run through are not big enough to accommodate another cable which means having to get on a ladder up to the ceiling and enlarge the current one or drill new holes and drop another 50 foot cable.  Will the installer do this?  If so then at least I can have everything moved out of the way for when they get here but I know a lot of places have issues with their employees working on ladders for insurance reasons so I don't know if the installer will be permitted to do it.


Is there any other way to set this up, I've attached two images, one shows my current setup and one a potential gateway setup but I don't know if it will work or be supported by Shaw.


If the installer won't be able to drop a new cable and there is no other way to setup the gateway then I might as well cancel the install, but I can't see being the only one that has run into this issues.  There must be other houses, especially older ones that don't have the cabling to create the 2 separate networks and where it may not be feasible to install it.


Any info that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You