Power consumption - Gateway and portals

Discussion created by geopro1 on Nov 14, 2016
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Since Shaw disabled remote standby mode for the Gateway and the portals earlier this year in order to solve some bugs (see Remote does not power on / off the Shaw Gateway HD PVR ), it's worth knowing the effect on power consumption, so here's a few measurements made with a power meter:


XG1 Gateway:

- Power on, TV not on: 24-26 watts (fluctuating a little)

- TV on (HDMI port active): add 1 watt

- Standby mode forced with manual button press (red light), not recording: 23 watts steady



- 8 watts

(no manual standby button)


So it's probably worth unplugging any portal that you don't use often, but it's not really worth manually putting the Gateway into standby mode.


For comparison the Telus CIS430 PVR uses 19 watts in operation and 11 watts on standby. The Shaw Gateway is certainly a power waster by comparison, but the cost of electricity for it is still under $20/year at BC Hydro rates, and you would save less than $2/year by putting it in standby mode.


The Gateway does continue to update the guide and record scheduled programs in standby mode.