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..firstly, let me say hi to those of you who may remember me and are still around (Staff and community.) as it's been some time since I've been here.


Now, on to the crux of why I'm here now. I bet some of you are thinking, what's he going to rant about this time...? *facetious grin*


Well, no piddling and moaning from me today! In fact, I'm here to say how impressed I have been since cancelling TV and phone, along with moving to the 150/15/1024GB cap internet plan. (Sorry, kind of a back-handed compliment in there...but a compliment nonetheless.) I now stream all my TV shows online and have moved to a VOIP phone service as well as my regular gaming sessions and need decent internet to do so.


Back in Sept I was looking to move to Telus, as they had a better deal than what I was currently getting from Shaw. I was paying $75 for Shaw's internet 30/5 when Telus was offering 50/10 for the same price. (After discounted period ends.) It would be silly not to switch right?


Well, I didn't pull the trigger that morning and went out with a friend, planning to switch when I got home or the next morning. We went to Uptown and Shaw had one of their pop-up informational tents down in front of the Walmart, with the Shaw customer office at the top of the escalators. I looked at the sign there, and was quite surprised to see the deal offered, for both new and current customers. Odd I thought, as the deals tend to be for new customers only.


So while looking at the sign one of the reps walked up and started to talk to us. He asked if we where current customers or had any questions and if we may be interested in signing up for what we were reading. I remarked how I was surprised about the offer being valid for current customers as well as for the new and that I may be interested in the current offer as a current customer.


He had a map of the area in his hand, with areas of coverage in 2 different colours. One covering a much larger area than the other, by a long shot. He then asked which area we thought was Shaw, and which was Telus concerning fiber cabling. Now, it was obvious he would not being showing this if Shaw was not the obvious choice, but I must admit I was surprised at the coverage! I had no idea Shaw had fiber covering most of Victoria where Telus just had a small patch here and there. My location not being one of those areas covered by Telus (so limitations on plan speeds) where Shaw was highlighted as having it here.


Ok, some of you who know/remember me know I do not generally like contracts! This deal however, was for the 150/15 plan on a 2 year contract.....for $79.90. So, for $4.90 more a month, I went from 30/5 to 150/15 for 2 years. Well, needless to say, it was a no-brainer! Yes, I'm locked in for 2 years, but who cares! At that price, who could resist? I was of the "stick with the devil you know" mentality on top of it all but price for service rules the day. With this offer, no need to contact the competition, just go up the escalator, grab the Hitron modem then go home and set it up. It was just that simple.


Having concerns of Shaw's actual speed results and latency issues I had signed up for SamKnows before doing the switch. Even before this deal came about I was impressed with the results of SamKnows. I was always getting more than my 30/5 and not less, and it has continued with the 150/15 plan. Proof you say? Here you go:




Not bad for a 150/15 plan eh? Yup, I was impressed, I must admit.


Even running through my VPN, my ping on the TF2 server I play on is less than before, without my VPN running! When downloading games through Steam or Uplay, I've seen the same results as the above images. As high as 22.4MB (187.90mb) It's a shame not all download sources offer the same output speeds, but when you get them as in the aforementioned, it's flipping awesome!


I just downloaded Assassin's Creed 3  this morning (Free on Uplay today for anyone interested.) being 16.x GB's,  in about 10 minutes.


When I signed up, the offer went to $135 a month after the 2 years. I was simply planning to cancel at the end of the contract, and go back to 30/5 or switch providers (depending on a retention deal being offered) but I have since noticed Shaw has dropped that plan down to $100 a month. Cool. (I'll still be looking for a retention deal however....just it was implied to by your rep...and I'm cheap/poor.)


So, I'm not here to rant and rave, as in times past, *another facetious grin* but to say well done! This is how to keep customers! Treat us fairly, by offering us, and not just the "newbies" a good deal (...outside retention's) and we....ok, I'll speak for myself, I'll be happy to remain a customer. I was seriously less than day away from switching providers! Maybe it was fate? Nah, just coincident I'm sure but a happy me is much more pleasant than a ranty me, no?  *yet another facetious grin*


Oh, I almost forgot to mention my friend also changed her plan to match mine. (Same service cancellations and going with the 150/15 plan only.) Her and the family had been having a lot of issues with wi-fi on the Cisco modem going out needing a modem reboot and since she swapped it's completely stopped. The range is also great for them, another issue they were having and she has been as happy with the change as I am.


Keep it up!