Discussion created by biglar on Nov 22, 2016
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Yesterday I was unable to view my security DVR, using WAN nor LAN, from my iPhone 6. I had this happen back in October this year and not being computer savy, after about a week I found a problem in the Hitron  "DHCP Reservation' list under LAN Setup. For some reason this list appears to change by itself. Now it has happened again. . I made a sceen print of the list last October once I had everything working again. So when I compared October list to the list today  security  DVR has completely disappeared from the DHCP Reservation list including IP Address and MAC address. The list now also shows an extra iPhone for total of three, but only two iPhones in the house?


So whats happening? Is it normal for the Shaw Hitron to completely messup my DHCP Reservation List? How do I get everything I have lost back? Did an Shaw update screwup everything/ If so am I going to loss everything everytime?