Anyway to reduce ping within the shaw network?

Discussion created by euphmoria on Nov 21, 2016
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Hi that is my traceroute for one of my most played games. I was wondering if you guys can do anything about the massive spike in ping at node 6 in calgary? The ping goes from ~25ms to ~65ms in that one leg, and it's all within shaw. My overall ping is only ~90ms but more than 40ms is due to the ISP. There are also numerous ping spikes throughout the day which makes it very frustrating. Is there anyway to request my data be routed to a different node, not the heavily congested node in calgary? Is there a node split planned for that node? I've noticed this for the last month, the ping is usually ~100ms and occasionally spikes once or twice an hour, which just disconnects me from the game. It would be great if you guys can do something because telus fiber is going to be available in the next few months and everyone else I talk to on Telus gets 40-50ms, which is honestly very attractive since I gaming is my number one way to relax, and I can't wind-down when I suffer from high ping and also ping spikes.


P.S. I know that one of the nodes have massive PL, their server was having issues at the time but that should not impact routing within the Shaw network (node 3-6) which accounts for almost 50% of the ping delay.