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Internet frequently disconnecting

Question asked by takashi on Nov 24, 2016
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I'm using a Cisco DPC3848v modem and having multiple problems with the internet.  For start, the router loses connection to the modem a few times a day, usually only for a few moments, but recently its been getting longer and today lasted for 30 minutes before I plugged the router into a different port on the modem. When the router connection drops there is no light at all on the modem for the port the router is plugged into.  

The other issue is frequent latency spikes and disconnects to blizzard servers.  Multiple times a day, sometimes in the realm of 5-6 times an hour the connection to the WoW servers drops, I've tried different servers, chicago, new york and LA and the same problem occurs.  After contacting blizzard support and running a WinMTR, they said I was having packet loss and latency spikes at the modem as well as at my first ISP hop.

I am plugged directly into the modem.