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Unable to get Gateway to recognize external drives, ready to turf it.

Question asked by kritiker on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by kritiker

For years I have been babying my Gateway and my external hard drive. I shouldn't have had to but I did. Every time I had a power failure (even UPS batteries have to be changed occasionally) or some other interruption, it would take me anywhere from several hours to several days for my Gateway to recognize my external HD and for me to be able to access my recordings.


It took me far longer than it should have but it was always successful, until recently. Then the Gateway wouldn't even recognize the drive, wouldn't even offer to format it for me.


So I tried

  • the same drive in a different enclosure. This used to work. Not now.
  • different cables. No go.
  • an old Expander (WD model) I had. No go.
  • my second, defective Expander (also WD model), after I fixed some bad sectors. No go.
  • All these drives show PASS for S.M.A.R.T disk status and pass the Western Digital Data Lifeguard Quick and Extended tests on a Windows PC.

Shaw then installed a different Gateway, newer but the same model, and while it now detects some of the drives again in the Hardware Status part of the Diagnostics, it starts but won't finish formatting my third party drive and the Expanders.  Sometimes it sees these drives and sometimes it doesn't.


This isn't rocket science. These enclosures consist of a power supply and a pass-through SATA to eSATA connector.


For me to have this kind of problem, in this day and age, is unthinkable.


Is there anyone around from Shaw who can help?