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Will I be without a phone?

Question asked by econojohn on Dec 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2017 by shaw-tony

I just switched back to Shaw for internet, tv, and phone service. The installer was here yesterday and said that they don't hook up the phone line anymore until the date that the number is ported. He left the phone modem (connected  to the cable) but left the phone wires coming from the back of the modem hanging un-attached to anything. He told me that dispatch would call to set up another appointment for the day my phone number is going to be ported so that they could send out another installer to hook up these wires. I was on chat today about my bill since they made a mistake and don't have me listed as being on the 2 year value plan and the chat rep said it would be corrected on the day my  number was going to be ported over. I asked at that point when it would be, and she said it was scheduled for Monday Dec. 12th. I have not received any call from dispatch about anybody coming back to my home to connect the wires and am wondering if I am going to be without phone service if these wires aren't hooked up when they do the porting. I haven't even been back for 2 days and have had a billing problem and am now worried that I will have an even worse problem. I  have an alarm system that needs a phone connection and work 12 hour shifts on Sun., Mon., and Tues. and won't be available for an appointment until at least Wednesday.