New Gateway XG1 pvr needs improvement

Discussion created by bigtimeshot on Dec 16, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2017 by shaw-harvey

I had mine installed a week ago( Dec 2016) and I'm not very happy at all. The menu is poorly designed.

DCX3400 menu is simple and wish they adapt that.

Cons -

1. List of programs in Pvr qued up a lot if you sort by date. Sorting by title alphabetically does not make sense if you have few recordings. Scrolling up and down sucks! Previous pvr is better.

2. Search option is only sorted by name not by date - If you want to watch Nba games playing at the moment or today,

it will show too many unnecessary selection. The previous model, you just go to setting-sports-basketball and that's it- it was sorted by date and time. Now its terrible! Let me know how to do that quickly.

3. Pvr recording after a program is watched does not automatically go back to live tv - if you don't select between keep or delete - it will stay there forever. 

4. Remote is terrible

5. Guide is the same, they just added colors


Please please put back the menu and search setting from old DCX3400.




1. Faster rewind and forward

2. Gateway app is great if you are away and want to record

3. Can record 6 shows at same time