Shaw modem will not allow 2 VPN routers to function simultaneously

Discussion created by unpredictable1 on Dec 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2016 by kevinds

At a job site of ours we are doing a staged cut over to new infrastructure, upgrading our company VPN router etc. Basically installing a new router, getting an internal AP online, and moving over hardware as we can.

We are on our second Shaw modem in trying to resolve this, and neither will let both routers be online. (First Cisco, now a Hitron)

There are sufficient DHCP IPs available for the 2 devices. Both of our VPN routers are configured for DHCP, and have their own separate internal IP subnets.

Cables have all been checked, modem and equipment have been power cycled multiple times. Different ports have been used on the Shaw modem.

Both routers have proven they can be online one at a time, but not at the same time through the modem in question. Must be out of DHCP addresses right? Nope, had Shaw add an address, still same results.


The Shaw modem is not configured to administer 192 addresses, we're getting Shaw DHCP addresses. (96.54.x.x)


The only thing we get when plugging in our new VPN router to the Shaw modem is a blinking orange LED on the Shaw modem. I'm told this indicates a GB connection between the devices.


Is there anything else I can suggest to their support to focus on to get this working? This really shouldn't be this difficult.


Thanks in advance.