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Just got Internet 150.  Disconnects at night?

Question asked by mondoguitar on Dec 14, 2016
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I got Internet 150, as well as the new modem last Friday.  I have noticed that around 3-4am most mornings I will wake up to check facebook or the temperature and the internet is wiped out.  Have had to reset my router/modem 3-4x already and then everything seems to kick back up and run for at least the rest of the day until I need to do it again.  Has anybody else experienced this? 


Are there any changes I need to make on my router?  It's an Asus AC68U


I can't understand why it keeps disconnecting, but a simple reset of the modem fixes it.  And just this morning (4:30am), I've isolated it to just resetting the modem only (not the router) and everything came back on 2mins later.


I'm a little puzzled, thanks in advance!