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Audio Drops on 267 FX

Question asked by arjay on Dec 18, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2016 by arjay

Hi folks;


Ever since we changed over to HD (5 years ago? More?) I noticed that on channel 267 (FX) the audio would intermittently, and consistently, cut out briefly during viewing. I never mentioned it as 267 was not important to me (at the time).


I'm now recording a series off of 267 and the audio drops are annoying. There's no pixelation, just frequent audio drops of varying severity although all are short-lived. It's been consistent and has done this for years on 267. It's the only channel I am aware of that does this.


I use a custom DVR that records off the HDMI signal from a DCX-3400M. To take this out of the diagnostic loop I went to another TV with a different DCX-3400M and watched 267 in real-time. Same thing, so it is not specific to my custom DVR - it appears to be an issue with the cable feed.


Some years ago we re-did the cabling running to the house in its entirely. The feed coming off the pole to the house is RG11 and the run is +/- 296 feet (we wanted no signal issues). From there it goes through a 3-way split with one leg (RG6) running to my DVR. The cable modem is also on that same splitter. The reason I mention this is that if you want to check the signal level, the cable modem should give an accurate indication...... 


Location is in Parksville (BC). Any ideas on what typically causes intermittent audio drops specifically on a channel freq that 267 uses? Are you seeing this on your end (the feed you provide) or is it specific to us?