BroadBand 150 Experience Part 2...

Discussion created by kidknicky on Dec 25, 2016
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Part 1:

   After swapping out for my 5th BroadBand 150 enhanced modem, I have some good news to report. Hardware performance has been excellent and consistent with all my network connections and hardware. I have achieved excellent speeds over 150mb/s, but whats better is the latency. So I know the hardware is working as it once had with BroadBand 100+. This is with a new boxed Hytron modem. I have no information to confirm what revision it is. Prior to connecting the new modem, I made a few changes. Whether or not these made a difference or if the hardware has been upgraded is up for interpretation.

- Previously tested and cleared hubs and cables. I did find one cable that tested <80mb/s, but it had not been used on the network...test your cable(s)!

- Tested my 2 hubs interdependently with one working client. No changes between them and no performance hits.

- I moved the router location 3'. This created at least a 2' open space clearing around the router in a visible and cooler area.

- installed an APC UPS power tap that provides a clean uninterrupted power supply , just to be safe.

   It's still early to say with confidence if this has been resolved or why it's happening to many customers. Possibly the newer hardware is sensitive to...many things. I would like to suggest that the Shaw installers have some type of equipment or training that allows them to read R/F disturbance in installed locations, if that even exists? Consumers have to rule out there own hardware or find someone that can. As far as the newer hardware is concerned, I can only hope that in the future, Shaw offer's new equipment to select customers that are capable and willing to be Beta testers. This could help ensure smoother transitions for service as well as continued customer loyalty.


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