Best Ap for Netflicks and Shaw  HD cable subscription.

Discussion created by ttodd0450 on Dec 14, 2016

Not like the Telus Optix HD box that provides an AP  for Netflix to Log in and use on their internet setup.. Shaw provides no such Ap.. therefore I am forced to use an ap on my Windows 10 laptop  or Iphone 5s  all work fine .. but what about my 55in LG HD TV.. There is no ap for my TV  so I am forced to use a $80 LG blue ray player ( BD300)  and apart from its good to to best playback on blueray and std DVD ... the ap LG provides for me to log into Net flicks is , I dunno ... ok I guess .

I have my Shaw DCX 3510 box  and my LG blue ray player both plugged into the TV via HDMI .. My shaw Modem Hitron is not set up for wireless.. this is done thru my DLink 855L. which is fed from the router.. I have an ethernet cable directly ded into the LG BD300  which is then fed back to the HDTV thru HDMI..

The player is setup to play back the ap provided for Net flicks .. I then have gone into my Netflicks account and have four  options to choose . .Auto / Best / Good / Fair .. I try to want to use auto  this will then in certain periods of the day  give me 1080p  picture from net flicks .. but most times especially in the winter  I get a lot of buffering  and loose the netflicks signal that is wired  and not wireless ..


I then have to go back to my settings and I choose  GOOD  which will give me a 480p  picture ( Fair is only 280p ) ..


So I decided to up my shaw cable to the next tier called  Internet 150  costs an additional $25 per month for the next year ( and then what? ) ,,  but even with the Internet 150 which also gave me 1080GB  over my 300GB old plan ..

So bottom line here for my Post  is what is the best ap player to use for  Netflicks to my HD TV ?   apple BOX ?  or maybe a $200  BD player instead of my current $80  one ..  


Techs at shaw when I phone in  can't really help me.. so do little tasks on their enbd .. but my problem is much more braod than a simple fix on their end ..   


Ideas ????? 


p.s., Oh and by the way  My Telus friends and family alll inform they never experience buffering when using the optix box ..  Do I really have to subscribe to Telus to fix my dilemma or will Shaw finally bring in an Ap to their Modem fro us in the near future??