Shaw Gateway destroys powerline ethernet

Discussion created by geopro1 on Dec 23, 2016

I've been trying to diagnose what's wrong with my powerline ethernet since I switched to from Telus to Shaw recently. Powerline ethernet used to work great in my house before the switch to Shaw - now it's terrible. After some experiments I've determined that the problem lies with the Shaw Gateway (XG1). Whenever it's plugged in to AC on any wall plug, my powerline ethernet connection speed crashes. Unplug the Gateway, it pops back up. The irony is that I didn't need powerline ethernet with Telus because they enable internet connection over coax via the ethernet port on the back of their PVR, which Shaw doesn't.

Now I'm stuck with a Shaw Gateway that not only doesn't support an ethernet connection, but it ruins my powerline ethernet. I don't know whether it's due to a poorly-filtered power supply or some sort of MOCA leakage onto the powerline. Anyone got any ideas?

One idea: I tried swapping the Shaw power supply with the Telus PVR power supply, since they have the same plug and  12v 3 amp power output. The Gateway works fine with the Telus power supply, but the powerline ethernet performance still plummets. I guess that means whatever high-frequency interference the Gateway is leaking onto the power line is not coming from the power supply.